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New American Girl Vice President!

American Girl has a new vice president! Her name is Barbara Meyer, and she will be working alongside the president of American Girl, Katy Dickson.

Barbara has more experience in the toy industry than Katy. People said that Katy was once the president of Barbie, but AG was her first encounter with any toy-related business.

Barbara joined the toy industry in 1989, just when the Dress Like Your Doll outfits were being released. Barbara was a product designer at Hasbro for one year, and then she joined Mattel in 1990, where she was a senior product designer for Barbie for 4 years. She quit toys in 1994 to own a publishing company, High Stress Press, that lasted a year. Then, she returned to Mattel in 1995, where she had the following jobs:

  • Product Designer and Development for Barbie- Toy Fair display creator (1995-1998)

  • Senior Manager for New Brands and Barbie (1999-2002)

  • Barbie Design Director (2002-2003)

Barbara left Mattel again in August 2003 to be the Principal of Concept Lounge Inc, a entrepreneurial think tank for creation of new brands and product design & development focused on the youth market for companies ranging from start-ups to corporations. She left Concept Lounge in 2012 and returned to Mattel, and hasn't left ever since.

Here's her experience before becoming the Vice President of American Girl:

  • Girls Design Director for Monster High and Ever After High (2011-2013)

  • Senior Director- Product Design and Content Development for American Girl (2013-2017)

Welcome, Barbara!


AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Only 4 people have been the President of AG, including Pleasant Rowland.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you were President of AG for a day, what would you do?

MY ANSWER: Get rid of sewn on underwear, retire #22, make 2 of my dream dolls a reality, give Felicity more of a collection, give Josefina, Kaya and Addy new stuff, make a doll with diabetes and GIVE GABBY A MOVIE! That's a lot for a day, but I am bursting with ideas.

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