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As the title suggests, I did not get a new doll today! Instead, I discovered that I had over $300, so I decided to get 3 dolls to customize for the "Save The Vaquitas" custom doll sale!

I also finished the customs today, so here are the dolls themselves!

Kylie is a 65 with added freckles and a 66 wig.

Taylor is a 66 with added freckles and a 53 wig.

Lucy is a 53 with a 65 wig.

All three of these beauties will be on eBay very soon! They will come with their own book and 2 surprises from American Girl. One of the three people who get to take home dolls from this batch of the Vaquita Customs will get lucky and have a extra surprise!

I will post their stories soon!

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