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My Wishes For American Girl

Ever since yesterday, I have had problems with my blood sugar. It was 164 at breakfast yesterday, 176 at lunch, 214 at the end of school yesterday, 235 during my snack-and-blog session and 332 at breakfast today. At school, I started to feel like I would pass out. I promised yesterday that I would still blog, but if my blood sugar rises more, I could go into the hospital and even die. So, I decided to post my AG wishes here, so you can look at them if I lose the war between diabetes and me.

1- Please make more dolls with disabilities. Gabby was a good start, but she was quickly overshadowed by Tenney and Logan.

2- Please stop any AG drama. Stop hating and start loving.

3- Please release a doll like Lucy,

4- Please get rid of squishy vinyl, because it might cause cancer.

5- Please make permanent American Girl stores again.

6- Please never retire Maryellen.

UPDATE: My blood sugar dropped to 147- a healthy number! Wahoo!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your 6 wishes for American Girl?

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