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American Girl Play Page Redesign!

American Girl's Play page just got a refreshing new look! I'll take you through a tour:

See the new look?

Main slides: Felicity, Tenney, Gabriela, AG Emojis

Top tiny slide: Choose Your Character, Maryellen: Hot Rods, Born For Adventure update

Bottom tiny slides: Maryellen Rocket Rally, Z Crew, Truly Me Quizzes

When you hover over Play, it now looks like this:

The Characters page is the new link page for characters. All of these characters are available:

BeForevers: Every available one and Caroline


Contemporary: Tenney and Z

GOTYs: Mia and beyond

The other pages are the same.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: This is the first update to the AG Play page since 2015.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Favorite unreleased doll? (Look at my Future Dolls page to explore the unreleased dolls!)

MY ANSWER: Z, because she's a filmmaker just like me! I will get her the day she comes out and she will go by Suzie.

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