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Tenney + Logan at Kohls!

Don't live by a AG store but want to pick up a Tenney yourself? Don't want to wait until April 7th for Logan to get back in stock? Well, good news for you! Tenney's entire collection, minus the Stage and Dressing Room and including Logan and his drums, is now available at Kohl's stores everywhere!

Photo credit: @rebekahjaswa on Instagram

Also, the WellieWishers are now back in stock in Kohl's! I'm happy about that because I have a Kohl's gift card and I was going to get a WellieWisher that will climb aboard my dad's drone, drop down and fly using a parachute.

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COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Ever bought something AG from Kohls?

MY ANSWER! I've bought nothing, but I'll buy the Flying Ace WellieWisher soon!

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