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Z Yang's Dog- Popcorn!

We all know and love the snuggly puppy Popcorn from the #AGZCrew videos. But, since Z is coming out soon (a month from today- yippie!), the Dalmatian Puppy who plays Popcorn is probably retiring to make way for the real Popcorn. And he is!

Reports show that the Dalmatian is only available in the Chicago and Nashville stores now.

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SOURCE: AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Z is American Girl's first Korean doll, making AG cover all three main East Asian races if you count Kanani and Jess being part Japanese.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: I've got a lot of complaints about people missing Kahoots. How's today at 8:05 pm Eastern for a Z and Nanea Kahoot with a few custom doll questions here and there?

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