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The Best News Ever


I asked Scholastic if I could have some future American Girl books early, and guess what they said?


I am so happy that they said yes. But it's not just Scholastic who made this opportunity for me.

Thank you to my dad, for buying the domain name

Thank you to my mom and everyone at the Medford DDI Young Autism Program, who worked so hard to help me overcome my autism. Without you guys, I wouldn't be typing this today.

Thank you to Kaylee and Katie for being my best friends. I love you both.

Thank you to Jill, Linda, Nick and everyone else at the American Girl Store Charlotte who works on Saturday mornings for all you've done.

Thank you to Pleasant Rowland for creating these dolls, and thank you to Ellen Brothers, Jean McKenzie and Katy Dickson for helping American Girl grow.

Thank you to Google, American Girl, Verizon, Disney, HP, McDonald's, Chuck E Cheese, Microsoft, Zulily, Paypal, Papa John's, TruGreen and everyone else who's ever advertised on my blog ever. You guys will help me go to college someday.

And finally, thank you to every one of my readers for helping my blog grow.


Awesome Alpaca AG




AGDolls Everlasting




Gracie Brown


Ariana The Great

And everyone else! If you've been reading since 2014 or started last week, THANK YOU!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: American Girl is awesome!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Look to the ad on this page. Who's advertising?

MY ANSWER: TruGreen.

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