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American Girl This Or That!

This is a American Girl-themed version of the game This or That. Let's play!

50 dolls or 1000 outfits?

Nanea or Kanani?

Tenney or Logan?

Z or Ivy?

Ivy or Julie?

Give up or give up

$500 American Girl gift card or trip to the American Girl headquarters?

Retire a BeForever or retire a Contemporary Character?

Give up new dolls or give up going to the American Girl store?

Go to American Girl Place Chicago, New York or Los Angeles?

Meet Basilmentos or look at Girl of the Year 2018?

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Copy the This or That questions with Ctrl C or Command C for Mac users and paste them into the comment bar with Ctrl V or Command V for Mac users. Then put your answers underneath the questions!

MY ANSWER: 1- 50 dolls.

2- Nanea

3- Logan

4- Z

5- Julie

6- or else this site would die!

7- Trip to the AG Headquarters. There'd be lots of leaks- and Dad The Spoil-Man is basically an endless money pit for dolls!

8- Retire Tenney and Logan. It's Gabby's time to shine!

9- Give up going to the AG store- it would be tempting to give up new dolls and still go to the AGP!

10- New York.

11- Meet Basilmentos. We know I'll be one of the first ones to see the new GOTY!

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