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Dolls Are Cool.

One day, I'm walking to health class. Word has spread out across the school about and my AGTube channel, SM Network. Some girls whisper, "That's the girl who likes dolls!" Another girl rolls her eyes at me. A few boys laugh.

And I feel down in the dumps.

Here's a quote from Ivy and Julie: A Happy Balance to express how I feel about liking dolls:

Ivy: "I keep trying to tell everyone how important gymnastics is to me. It's more than important! It's..."

Julie: "It's your signature item."

Ivy: "Exactly! Wait, what does that mean?"

Julie: "Gymnastics is the one thing that defines you."

When American Girl posted that clip on Facebook, it asked, "What is your signature item?"

For a few days because of all of the teasing at school, I've had one goal for spring break: find a new signature item. I tried everything. Dance, gymnastics, painting, singing, playing the guitar.

Nothing stood up to American Girl dolls.

And I decided to not care how much they tease me, because AG, this blog and making videos is my signature item.

It's just a hobby, like sports, the arts and other stuff.

And I love it.

P.S: I'm filming the SM Network Awards today! Wahoo!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's your signature item?

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