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Doll of the Week: Kit!

It's time for Doll of the Week! This week, it's Kit's turn to shine in the spotlight!

Kit is a Historical doll from 1932.

I got Kit for Christmas in 2010.

Kit is a tomboy and not a fan of dresses, sparkles or anything pink. She is obsessed with eating food- any food, that is, except brussel sprouts. You can find her hanging out with her tomboy friends, eating or sneaking food from the bakery like in this video:

You can always watch Kit and her friends on the TV page!

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: Kit was the first ever doll with freckles,

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What freckle patterns do you have? MY ANSWER: I have them all! Kit/Regular, Mia, Grace and Tenney!

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