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Doll Hangouts Books!

I found a Doll Hangouts book on Georgetown Publications!

"You have a favorite place to hang out. Whether that means curling up with a blanket on a window bench or playing in a pillow fort, this book will help you bring the magic of those special spaces to your doll. Includes fun crafts for dolls: a clubhouse, snow fort, spa, princess canopy, and under-the-stairs nook!"

It will release on August 24.

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: By AGPuppyBliss- The first three AG movies endings were changed to end at Christmas time.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: By @theschuylerdolls- Do you have any custom dolls? (Hair or eye change.Modifications to the hair style and body/vinyl modifications don't count.)

MY ANSWER: Nope! Jessica counts as a vinyl change.

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