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BeForever Sale!

Tomorrow only, the AG stores will be having a BeForever sale, according to American Girl Playthings.

AG Personal Shoppers sent out this email:

"Don’t miss out! American Girl is offering a ONE DAY ONLY SALE – Wednesday, May 24th.

All BeForever™ Dolls will be available for $98! Stop in to choose from your favorite American Girl Characters for only $98!

· Kaya, an adventurous Nez Perce girl with a deep respect for nature and a dream of being a leader.

· Josefina, a quiet New Mexico girl who uses her heart to heal others in 1824.

· Addy, a courageous girl who escapes slavery and keeps her family strong in 1864.

· Samantha, a kindhearted girl in 1904 who won't let "proper" society stop her from helping others.

· Rebecca, a lively girl who wants to shine bright for others in 1914 New York City.

· Kit, a clever girl with a can-do attitude who creates better tomorrows in 1934.

· Maryellen, an energetic and optimistic girl who follows her heart instead of the crowd in 1954.

· Melody, a hopeful and positive girl who lifts her voice for equality and justice in 1964.

· Julie, an upbeat San Francisco girl who stands up and fights for what's right in 1974."

This is great news!

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