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GOTY 2018 First Book! (Plus More Cool Stuff)

First things first, Happy Memorial Day to all of my American readers! Have a great time with your family and eating yummy food, and don't forget to remember all of the army who died (like my late grandfather who was in the Navy)!

Now, let's get to the exciting stuff (and the relevant stuff for all of you out-of-the-US readers)-

First, the second book in the Like Sisters series, Natalia Takes Charge, is up!

"Canine chaos comes to Seaview House! Several dogs are staying at the inn with their owners and there's even going to be a wedding with dog ring bearers! Natalia is eager to help out because she loves dogs and wants to earn a little extra spending money. She volunteers to watch and walk all the guests' dogs-and volunteers Zoe and Emma to help her. But Zoe and Emma have their own commitments and Natalia is quickly overwhelmed. When one of the dogs involved in the wedding goes missing, Natalia is in Big Trouble. Can she find the runaway dog and save the guests' big day?"

Second, the first book in a nonfiction history series, Real Stories from My Time, is up!

"The Real Stories From My Time chapter book series pairs nonfiction content with beloved American Girl BeForever characters, offering readers a unique entry point into important events in American history. These are perfect for book reports, with full-page illustrations throughout, plus historical photos, maps, a timeline, a glossary, and bibliography at the back. The Titanic includes enough real stories of the tragic "unsinkable ship" and its passengers and crew to fill an ocean liner. Throughout, BeForever character Samantha Parkington shares snippets of her own exciting fictional story of traveling as a first class passenger in the early 1900s, when steamship was the only way to travel across the ocean."

Lastly, we have the most exciting news- GOTY 2018'S FIRST BOOK IS UP!

It is by Erin Teagan- that's the only clue we have. The only other book she wrote is about a girl who is into biochemistry, so a biochemistry GOTY, anyone? Me and Peggy will look for more clues.

Have a great Memorial Day, everyone! And don't forget to check back for brand new clues about the 2018 Girl of the Year!

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