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Libby's Life: Chapter Eight!

GREAT NEWS FOR PEOPLE THAT WERE ON THE CHAT YESTERDAY: The postponing of Special Dolls is cancelled! Moving right ahead on schedule! Wahoo!

I came home from the market,holding only my stand,a few beverages and a Libster’s box.My parents gave me a big hug when I opened the door,and they handed me a letter.I opened it immediately,Maybe today was my lucky day and a cure for salicylate intolerance was found two days of me knowing I had the disease?Nope,It was just a letter from a company called “Speak Out!”.I opened the letter,It said:Dear Libby Waverly,this letter has arrived to you because we have just been notified that you have created your own business to help people with salicylate intolerance.We would like to invite you to our Advocate campaign to help fund for a cure to diseases.You will be speaking in the Garnier Stadium at 11:00 AM next Sunday,“Isn’t this great Libby?”said my mom“But-I-I have Libster’s to do every Sunday morning to feed the hungry!”

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