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Different Turns 1- Happy Birthday!

If you are me or like to memorize dates, you probably know that Different came out ONE YEAR AGO today! Holy cow, it's been a year!

In honor of this big milestone, I have a Different Birthday Party planned- and the times vary so that all of you guys have a chance to make at least one party!

1- SM Network TV will be replaced by the Different channel for the day- the only thing shown all day is Different, with no commercials! Regular SM Network TV will return tomorrow.

2- There will be a Different Quizizz at 12:30 pm! Quizizz works better than Kahoot for most people, because they don't have to switch screens and it's not delayed.

3- There will be a Chat Party tonight starting at 7:45 pm!

4- Reveal of the Different 2 plot and release date at the chat party! (Not in 2017, thanks a lot moving and Special Dolls)

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