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The Year So Far!


I'm so happy that I got WiFi! I can finally blog for all of you guys. Now, we can jump into my annual The Year So Far post because it's the half year mark!

January 1- Gabriela came out, and I got her and Hope (#54)!

January 19- I got Amelia!

January 21- I turned 12, got my 50th doll (Ella), and got sick. Fun times.

February 6 (I think)- Permapanties was announced.

February 14- Nanea and Z were revealed!

February 16- Tenney and Logan came out, Felicity returned from her vacation in the Archives, and I got Teni and Logan!

March 24- Ivy and Julie's movie came out.

April 1- I got May (#26)!

April 15- I got Katie (Ivy)!

April 27- Z was released, and I got her!

May 3- I won Best Animated Film in the film festival for Maesi: An American Girl Story, and it was released that day too!

May 5- I got Libby (#37)!

May 10- I got Alyson (#43)!

May 19- I revealed that my parents were divorced.

May 20- Truly Me 69 leaked!

May 20 something- Permapanties died. Huzzah!

Also May 20 something- GOTY 2018 books went up on Amazon.

Late May- I got Peggy (#64)!

June 9- Ta ta, sixth grade! And SM Network Awards 2017. And the Summer Camp movie with Z but other than that no relation to AG came out.

June 10- I got Scarlett (#61!)

June 22- The summer release came out, and I got Truly Mes 67, 68 and 69!

June 24- I moved to my nana's house.

And today, great news guys....

I GOT A HOUSE! I'm so happy. I won't say the address because obviously, but it's beautiful and I love it! It's still in Charlotte, so that won't change. We are moving in at the end of July/beginning of August, so I'll be setteled in time for school to start again!

Thanks for staying awesome and helping me throughout this tough time.

I love you guys!

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