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My 1000th Post- A Big Thanks

1000 posts. 1000 leaks. 1000 stories. 1000 thank-yous.

Ever since I hit Publish Post on that first ever post, it has been a wild ride. From American Girl Doll Play to American Girl Doll News, from 12 dolls to 62 dolls, from working pancreas to insulin pump.

Ever since I hit Publish Post, this site has gathered almost a million views. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed this site. It has been a place for us to share our feelings, enjoy our successes, and drown our sorrows. It has been a place for us to make friends- no matter our age, gender, race, religion, disability or whatnot- based on our common interest in dolls.

A big thank you to everyone who goes on this site, whether it's everyday or every year. A big thank you to all of the commenters on this site. There are too many to list!

A big thank you to American Girl, Pleasant Rowland and the Chinese eBay people. Without you guys, this site wouldn't be what it is.

Thank you for everything.

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