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Grand Prize Raffle for AGBS!

The Grand Prize Raffle for the 2017 American Girl Benefit Sale will consist of:

-Nanea Mitchell and accessories

-6:55 am tickets for the 2018 American Girl Benefit Sale

-$300 to spend at the 2018 American Girl Benefit Sale

-ALL of the 30th Anniversary Mini Dolls

I hope I win this raffle! If I don't, I might get upset, but I'll try to get over it. #AspergersLife

The other prizes are:

First Prize Package: * Signed Addy Doll: Addy, in her original release clothing and packaging, signed by American Girl Founder Pleasant Rowland * Early 2018 Tickets: Four 7 a.m. tickets

Second Prize Package: * Deluxe Equestrian Bundle: Includes doll-sized Stable and Supplies, plus two horses (Prancing and Palomino) * Early 2018 Tickets: Four 7:15 a.m. tickets

Third Prize Package: * 30th anniversary mini-doll set * Early 2018 Tickets: Four 7:30 a.m. tickets

Anyways, CLICK ON THE ADS IF YOU WANT ME TO GET NANEA!! I don't care, just click them! I make 10 cents to a dollar on each ad depending on what advertiser is advertising, and a raffle ticket is $1!

I'm also glad they'll have Nanea, because that's the reason Dad let me go.

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