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*RUMOR*- Customs and Nanea PUSHED BACK?!?!?!??

My BFF Kaylee from AGRainbows5's cousin works at American Girl and gave Kaylee some interesting information, which Kaylee passed on to me! Thanks Kaylee! You are the best BFF a girl could have (even though you live in Houston and I live in Charlotte)! Here. We. Go!

-The Create Your Own doll launch has been pushed back to most likely late August.

-American Girl has been considering pushing back Nanea to either late October or early December, though a 2018 launch for Nanea is possible.

Remember, this is just consideration, so take this information with ten grains of salt. Because of this, I removed the Nanea countdown from the countdown spot and temporarily replaced it with a GOTY 2018 countdown until the date is official.

My opinions:

Create Your Own- NO! I really was excited to play with the custom doll maker!

Nanea- NO! But it might not matter because I might have Nanea in six days. If I win her at the Benefit Sale. If that happens, it will be lucky for me because I will have more time with me and Nanea alone! Like, she'll be my Create Your Own doll!

Even if they change Nanea's release date, her books will still release on August 21.

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