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Benefit Sale Sunday Markdowns!

I loved the Benefit Sale today. It was so much fun, and I got 17 new beauties! (I didn't win Nanea though. That led me to tears.) Look out for the 15 others around Thursday.

Anyway, here's the Sunday markdown list!


  • BeForever Dolls

  • Samantha–$50 (Limit 4)

  • Rebecca–$60 (Limit 1)

  • Julie–$75 (Limit 2)

  • WellieWishers– $35 (Limit 5)

  • Bitty Babies– $25 (Limit 6)

  • Truly Me–$30 (Limit 10)

  • Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark–$80 (Limit 3)

  • Girl of the Year 2015 Grace Thomas–$50 (Limit 4)

  • Girl of the Year 2014 Isabelle Palmer–$50 (Limit 4)

  • Mini Dolls, Lea Clark– $5 (Limit 8)

Truly Me Outfits and Accessories:

  • Spa Chair–$40 (Limit 4)

  • Salon Chair– $25 (Limit 1)

BeForever Outfits and Accessories:

  • Rebecca Jacket–$0.50 (Limit 10)

Bitty Baby Items:

  • Bitty Baby Twin Starter Set–$10 (Limit 10)

Other Items:

Hair Accessories– Half Price of Marked

  • Pizza Baking Kit–$15 (Limit 2)

  • Melody’s Bed–$35 (Limit 4)

I can't wait for tomorrow! I will get more dolls. You can never have too many dolls, it's a great deal, and it's for a great cause!

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