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Benefit Sale Day 2!

I love the Benefit Sale! Today was so much fun.

The day started at 5:45 am. I got ready, and then left my hotel at 6 am. We arrived at 6:10 am and got in line. We waited for almost 2 hours to get our free tickets- I got ticket number 45!

Me and Dad walked around for 15 minutes and got in the waiting tent at 8:15. I waited in the tent for our 9 am go-time, but the 8'o clock hour people were taking their sweet old time and we went in at 9:30- a half-hour later than scheduled.

There wasn't many dolls left, so I picked up the only 3 Truly Me dolls that I didn't have in the limited number of dolls, and picked up some books, a Lea T-shirt for me and a Lea mini doll. We then checked out and left the sale.

We then got in the car, and Dad made a wrong turn. The wrong turn turned out to be actually- a vendor! Selling RARE dolls! I asked Dad to stop, and he did. I then ended up purchasing Kailey and Kirsten!

The dolls from today were:

JoJo Middleton (#25)

Stephanie Logan- (#58)

Kailey Hopkins- GOTY 2003

Kirsten Larson- Historical 1854

Madison Washington- #29

And a group photo of all 5!

Dad is letting me play with them for the day before we put them and Cecile in their boxes to ship home. Danielle is hitching a ride in my backpack for the plane!

I now have a grand total of 84 dolls! Create Your Own comes out tomorrow, and even though the Benefit Sale might be over, I have one last AG-related thing I'm doing tomorrow. Shh- it's a secret!

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