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American Girl Sales!

My dolls from the Benefit Sale are coming today! Yay!

Speaking of sales, American Girl has 2 AMAZING SALES going on soon!

From today until August 7, American Girl has a Back to School sale on these items that are up to 30% off:

  • Flip-Top Desk

  • Science Fair Set

  • Hot Lunch Set

  • School Backpack Set

  • Classroom Scene

  • Violin Set

  • Flute Set

  • Sport Storage Bench

  • All-Star Soccer Outfit

  • Spirit Squad Outfit

  • Recess Ready Outfit for Dolls and Girls

  • Fashion Boots

  • Healthy Smile Set

  • Funky Terrier Pet-House Set

  • Shaggy Sheepdog Puppy

  • Hairstyle Tools

  • Two-Tone Glasses

  • Raspberry Glasses

  • Turquoise Glasses

  • Rosy Glasses

  • Mod Monster Costume

  • Spring Breeze Dress Set for Girls

  • Western Plaid Dress for Girls

  • Sparkle Star Cutaway Tee for Girls

  • Bright and Splashy Tankini for Girls

  • Bright Blooms Dress for Girls

  • Tea For Two Party Set

  • Ocean Treasures Set

  • Nature Explorer Set

  • Make-it-Great Play Set

  • Cute and Comfy Lounge Set for Girls

  • Cocker Spaniel Puppy

  • German Shepherd Puppy

  • Giggles And Grins Play Set

  • Daisy Princess Costume

  • Showtime Ballet Costume

  • Berry Sweet Snack Stand

  • Garden Theater Stage

  • Maryellen's Classroom Set

  • Maryellen's Living Room Set

  • Maryellen's Ice Skating Accessories

  • Maryellen's Dog, Scooter

  • Maryellen's Hairstyling Set

  • Maryellen's Crinoline

  • Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit

  • Maryellen's School Outfit

  • Maryellen's Play Outfit

  • Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit

  • Melody's Bed and Bedding

  • Melody's Bedroom Accessories

  • Samantha's Dog, Jip

  • Samantha's Bed and Bedding

  • Lacy Parasol

  • Samantha's Summertime Treats

  • Samantha's Bedtime Accessories

  • Crinoline and Chemise for Dolls

  • Kit's Reporter Set

  • Mini Doll Stand

  • Kit's Radio Stand

  • Josefina's Bed and Bedding

  • Josefina's Nighttime Accessories

  • Julie's Tunic Outfit

  • Addy's School Outfit

  • Sunny Flowers Dress for Bitty Babies and Girls

That's a lot of savings! But that's not all.

The American Girl store in St. Louis is having a Pop Up Sale from August 4 to August 14! I wonder what will be there...

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