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Mega Construx and Haters

First, here's the gallery of photos I took from my new Mega Construx set:

Next, I will be addressing a topic that is very important: HATERS.

I have seen lots of haters on my blog, but with my comment system, I can't do some important things:

1- I can't pre-screen my comments. For example, anything, whether it's a nice "I love you Sydney!" or a mean "You should go k*** yourself you ugly fat spoiled b****" can go on my site automatically.

2- If someone puts on a hate comment, I can't ban them from commenting or this site.

So, I switched my comment system to Disqus again, because I can moderate my comments anytime and ban people's IP addresses from commenting if they hate.

Hope this helps clear up anything! If you can't make a Disqus account, I made a guest one:

Username- AGDNGuest

Password- snickerdoodle

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ARE BACK!: What's one thing you hate about summer (besides the heat)?

MY ANSWER: This might sound a bit silly, but ice cream trucks. I can't get any ice cream because I'm allergic to dairy, but that's not the reason why. The reason why is the music! My local ice cream truck has the worst song. It's some random beat for like 30 seconds, and then this creepy lady saying, "Hello?". and then the beat starts again. It always drives me nuts, and I always hear it. If you want to be in my shoes, look up "Ice Cream Truck with creepy "Hello" song".

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