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Doll of the Week: Ada!

Less than 24 hours until Nanea! Who's excited?

Anyway, the Doll of the Week this week is Ada!

Ada is Just Like You 27. I got her on July 22, 2017 at the American Girl Benefit Sale in Middleton, Wisconsin- but I didn't get to open her until July 27- when they finished their journey from Wisconsin to North Carolina!

Ada is very basic. She loves frappuccinos, shopping at the mall, and her phone. She and her best friends, Autumn and Amber, are very popular at their school. Ada loves popularity- it makes her happy. She has 500 followers on Instagram, a fact that she is very proud of. She dreams of becoming famous outside of school and to become cheer captain.

She and her best friends Autumn and Amber are stars of the new SM Network show, Basic. There's one episode out now- new episodes will come after I'm done with Jammed!

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