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Hair Cut!

I got my hair cut today! I decided to make a Create Your Own doll of what I look like now. I kind of look like Truly Me #57, one of the few Truly Me dolls that are currently available that I don't have, now. I'll add her to my Christmas wish list and name her Skyler- what my dad wanted to name me!

Here it is.....

My hair is closer to 57's or Pre-BeForever Kit's. Oh well, that's as close as I can get.

Now, an announcement!


It will be bimonthly and start in September/October. It will be full of leaks, games, articles and more. Great news- YOU CAN HELP, TOO! Here's the link to submit your articles about AG (It will be ran by me for appropriateness, because spammers and trolls happen. Bad spellers, rejoice- I will be fixing all mistakes!):

Have fun!

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