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Doll of the Week: Celeste!

I was half-hoping for the Doll of the Week picker to pick Molly because of the news of her coming back, but that didn't happen. The Doll of the Week is Celeste!

Celeste is Truly Me #69. I got her on her release date- June 22, 2017.

"Celeste Lee Frank is a spunky, sweet and caring girl who would do anything to help out a friend. She loves candy, sugar and believes in fairies. But one day the unthinkable happens- Celeste's home gets hit by a hurricane. Traumatized by this event, Celeste loses her spirit. But then she soon finds a new- and better- one."

Celeste hasn't been in any of my videos yet, but she has a minor role in my new movie Jammed!

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