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Z On Location Review

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Here's my review of Z on Location!

The book was very relatable, authentic and fun to read. The plot is well-crafted and Z, like in the first book, is an great main character. I was a bit worried that J.J Howard wouldn't live up to Jen Calonita's standards writing in Z's shoes, but the two books go together perfectly. It's like only one author wrote the two books! The problem is a bit unrealistic for a regular girl, but it's understandable in Z's situation having a film professor mother. The message is very important for today's youth that are on their screens all the time and have a hard time with mistakes. The ending is also a bit unrealistic, but it comes together greatly and teaches a great lesson. (BEWARE: SPOILERS) In the end, Z chooses getting interviewed by some of her fans at VidCon over interviewing Winter Costello, and a bunch of Z's fans come to see her. I think that's great and very humble of Z to do.

Thanks for reading my review!

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