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Doll of the Week: April!

This week's DOTW is April!

April is Truly Me #49. I got her on Feburary 27, 2016- the same day my friend Katie got her #64 of many names, which she gave to me in May 2017 and got named Peggy!

April is the closest to me on terms of personality. We both love filmmaking and directing, and April often helps me. She is the assistant director on Girl of the Years React and is also a skilled editor- she edits out all the inappropriate stuff in American Girl Doll Rap Battles so it can be squeaky clean for you guys! When she's not helping me out, she enjoys hanging out with her squad- Lynlee, Rose and May- and making silly Musical.lys. As of this month, she is now using arm crutches as she got diagnosed with spina bifida.

April has been in MANY videos. This is one of my favorites with her and her friends- April's Game Show-

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