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BeForever Collections!

Today and tomorrow, AG is having BeForever bundle collections and 25% off select BeForever things!

Every BeForever with the exception of Nanea has a bundle consisting of the doll, accessories and two books for $125.

Additionally, AG is having these things 25% off:

-Nanea's Family Market

-Maryellen's Ice Skating Accessories

-Maryellen's Jukebox

-Maryellen's Classroom Set

-Maryellen's Hairstyling Set

-Melody's Fancy Floral Dress

-Melody's Hairstyling Set

-Kit's Reporter Set

-Josefina's Goat, Sombrita

-Felicity's Undergarments

-Nanea's Island Swimsuit

-Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit

-Maryellen's Crinoline

-Addy's Christmas Dress

-Kit's Reporter Dress

-Kit's Photographer Outfit

-Rebecca's Movie Dress

-Julie's Tunic Outfit

-Julie's Mix-Print Maxi Dress

-Josefina's Summer Outfit

Check this sale out for Christmas!

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