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I GOT LUCIANA! (Not clickbait)

(American Girl sent me a product for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)


Thanks to you guys being awesome readers, American Girl sent me Luciana for review!

This doll is amazing, so stunning and blows all the other GOTYs away. Whether she is your first or ninety-seventh doll, she is a must have. Her story is inspiring and educational and will help this generation get off their screens and embrace the world of STEM.

Here’s closeups of her features:

Luciana is a joy to have for older fans like me to new American Girl fans. She isn't that similar to most dolls with both story and looks- Luciana even has darker skin than Mayah, my #66! I hope that Luciana will be a huge success with fans and the target market alike. She is a fun doll with a groundbreaking story to inspire playtime.

Thanks, American Girl!

You can purchase Luciana and her collection starting on January 1. She will be available during 2018 and while supplies last in 2019.

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