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Luciana Collection Prices!

I am LOVING my Luciana! While I'm at it, I decided to post the collection prices that I discovered thanks to @itsadollaffair on Instagram.

Doll + Book Bundle: $115

Luciana's Accessories- $25

Backpack for Girls- $28

Galaxy Dress for Girls- $48

Luciana's Maker Station- $100

Luciana's Robotic Dog- $35

Luciana's Stellar Outfit- $34

Luciana's Visitor Center Accessories (Shirt and goody bag only)- $20

Comfy Space PJs for Girls- $40

Sparkling Star Slippers for Girls- $22

Luciana's PJs- $24

Luciana's Telescope Projector Set- $40

Luciana's Flight Suit- $25

Luciana's Mars Habitat- $350

Luciana's Space Suit- $75

You can buy this entire collection, or for three dollars more tuition for Space Camp. ;)

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