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Doll of the Week- Samantha!

Sorry I'm posting this later than normal- I've been having a bad blood sugar day. Anyways, Samantha is the Doll of the Week!

I got Samantha for $40 off a neighborhood Facebook page. She is a Pleasant Company doll, she doesn't have a body tag but she isn't white body. I think she's from the mid-90's- my oldest doll, since my Pleasant Company Kirsten is from the late 90's because she has a body tag.

Samantha is the twin sister of Beckie, but they are both a bit different. Samantha likes to be quiet while Beckie is on the cheerleading team, but they both shine at different things. Samantha's passion is visual art and painting, and she is inspired by the nature around her and things that have happened to her. Sometimes paintings take her a long time, but she is proud when she finishes.

The painting that Samantha is most proud of was inspired by when her and Beckie went back to school shopping and there was an explosion! The girls made it home safe.


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