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Every Girl of the Year's Biggest Item!

I decided to make a list of every doll's biggest and most expensive item! I also included American Girl of Today/Just Like You/My American Girl/Truly Me big items for every year there was a qualifying item. First, we'll start for the line most known for big and expensive items- Girl of the Year/Contemporary Characters!

In 2001, Lindsey's biggest item was her scooter. In her story, Lindsey loves her scooter and gets it taken away when she puts smiley face stickers on her neighbor's garbage cans. The cost was a modest $34.

There was no Girl of the Year in 2002- Lindsey debuted in September 2001 and was available throughout 2002: she retired at the end of 2002.

In 2003, Kailey's biggest item was her boogie board. In her story, Kailey loves the beach and riding her boogie board in the tide pools: but when a developer threatens to take away the tide pools she knows and loves, she rallies the community to save the tide pools. The set was only $20 and came with board wax that was used as lip balm for girls to wear!

There was no Girl of the Year in 2004- Kailey came out in July 2003 and retired in July 2004. After 2004, there has been a Girl of the Year every year.

In 2005, Marisol's biggest item was her Performance Trunk. In her story, Marisol dances a Mexican dance style called ballet folkorio, tap, ballet and jazz. This trunk has no role in the story, but it is made for Marisol to hold all her dance things and a exclusive outfit- Marisol's Jazz Outfit. The price was $49.

In 2006, Jess's biggest item was her Motor Scooter. In her story, Jess went to Belize- a country in Central America. The motor scooter has no role in the story, but Jess would use the scooter to explore Belize. The price was $65.

In 2007, Nicki's biggest item was Jackson, her pet horse. In her story, Nicki lived on a ranch in Colorado, and Nicki occasionally rode Jackson- her story focused more on training a service dog. The price was $65.

In 2008, Mia's biggest item was her Bedroom Furniture- the first item to be more than $100. In her story, Mia sleeps in this bed and lies in it when she hurts her foot playing sock hockey with her brothers. The price was $125.

In 2009, Chrissa's biggest item was her Craft Studio. In her story, Chrissa and her best friends, Sonali and Gwen make headbands called Solidarity Scarves in the craft studio in order to show solidarity for Gwen when she got her bangs cut. The price was $78.

In 2010, Lanie's biggest item was her Camper. In her story, Lanie's aunt Hannah came to visit Lanie and her family and stayed in her camper. Aunt Hannah showed Lanie that if you want adventure in the outdoors, you can start in your own backyard. The price was $295.

In 2011, Kanani's biggest item was her Shave Ice Stand. In her story, Kanani's family owns a shave ice shop on the beaches of Hawaii, and Kanani turns the store into a stand to raise money to help monk seals. The price was $115.

In 2012, McKenna's biggest item was her Loft Bed. In her story, McKenna needs a tutor to help her with reading, so she uses the loft bed to practice her reading skills. The loft bed comes with books she reads in the actual McKenna book! The price was $225.

In 2013, Saige's biggest item was her Hot Air Balloon. In her story, Saige's dad was a certified hot air balloon pilot, and made this balloon to fly in the Balloon Fiesta based off Saige's own artwork. The price was $150.

In 2014. Isabelle's biggest item was her Studio. In her story, Isabelle loves dance and design, so this is her place to do both the things she loves. The studio featured a sewing machine, mannequin and mirror to practice her dance moves.

In 2015, Grace's biggest item was her French Bakery. In her story, Grace went to Paris so her mom could help her aunt Sophie who was on bed rest. Her uncle owned this bakery, which Grace helped out in. The price was $500- the most expensive American Girl set EVER.

In 2016, Lea's biggest item was her Rainforest House. In her story, Lea goes to the Amazon in Brazil with her brother, where she stays in the rainforest house- her brother's college host family's house. The price was $395.

In 2017, Gabriela's big ticket item was her Loft Bed. In her story, Gabriela sleeps on this loft bed. The cost was originally $200, and got raised to $225.

In 2018, Luciana's biggest item is her Mars Habitat. In her story, Luciana recieves a invitation to visit this Mars Habitat in the Atacama Desert by her frenemy, Claire Jacobs. The price is $350.

Tenney's big ticket item is her Stage and Dressing Room, which costs $225.

Z's big ticket item is her Desk Set, which costs $125.

Next, it's time for the Historicals! Stay tuned soon to see.

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