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Every Historical Character's Biggest Item!

Today, I'm showing you every historical character's biggest item!

Kaya's biggest item is her teepee, which costs $150. The set released in 2002 with Kaya's release and was $70, then redesigned in 2010 for $118, and then combined with her Bedroll and Shield set in 2014 for the current price.

Felicity's biggest item was her Two-in-One Colonial Carriage. It released in 2005 to coincide with her movie release and retired in 2007. The cost was $175.

Caroline's biggest item was her parlor. It was released in 2012 with Caroline and retired in 2015 when Caroline archived. It cost $200.

Josefina's biggest item ever was her English Square Piano. It released in 1998 with the three last books in Josefina's series and retired in 2001.

Cecile and Marie-Grace's shared biggest item was the Banquet Table and Treats. The set was released in 2011 with the two's release and retired in 2013, a year before the dolls retired. The cost was $150.

Kirsten's biggest item ever was her Trestle Table and Chairs Set. This was released in 1987, revamped in 2008, and retired in 2009 when Kirsten archived. The cost was $75, and later raised to $78 with the 2008 update.

Addy's biggest item ever is her Bed and Bedding Set. This was released in 2015 with the updated BeForever bedtime collections, and costs $85.

Samantha's biggest item ever was her Ice Cream Parlor. This came out in 2014 with Samantha's return from the archives and retired in 2016. It cost $300.

Rebecca's biggest item was her settee. It came out in 2009 with Rebecca's release and retired in 2015. It cost $98.

Kit's biggest item ever was her Tree House. It released in 2008 to coincide with Kit's movie release in theaters and retired in 2011. It cost $250.

Nanea's biggest item ever is her Family Market. It released in 2017 with Nanea's release. It costs $250.

Molly's biggest item ever was her Stage and Screen. It released in 2006 to coincide with Molly's release and retired in 2008. It cost $140.

Maryellen's biggest item is her Diner Set. It released in 2015. It costs $275.

Melody's biggest item is her Recording Studio. It costs $250 and released in 2016.

Julie's biggest item was her Car Wash Set. It was released in 2012 and retired in 2016. It cost $350.

To finish this series, I am going to do a list of the biggest items for Truly Me per year soon!

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