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Girl of the Year 2019 Predictions! WHO WILL BE THE NEXT GIRL OF THE YEAR?

Even though it's only the end of January, I'm curious about who will be after Luciana. So, I decided to make Girl of the Year 2019 predictions on the American Girl Create Your Own doll maker.

Name: Sandy Beecher, (Fake) Girl of the Year 2019

What she loves: Helping out in her mom's bagel shop

Her biggest dream: To become a world-famous chef and gardener

What changes her life: Coming up with rainbow colored cream cheese, which makes the bagel shop a overnight sensation

Proud moment: Donating $1000 to help the planet

What she discovers: Change can be as simple as mixing in a bowl

Name: Hannah Thoms, (Fake) Girl of the Year 2019

What she loves: Acting, singing and dancing

Her biggest dream: To become a star on Broadway

What changes her life: Being cast as the main role in the school play

Proud moment: Performing her role without messing up

What she discovers: Hard work can achieve big things

Name: Mikaela Elliott

What she loves: The outdoors and reading

Her biggest dream: To have her book about outdoor adventures published

What changes her life: The opportunity to have her book published comes along

Proud moment: Holding a copy of her own book

What she discovers: Dreams can come true

What was your favorite?

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