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I GOT A CREATE YOUR OWN DOLL! (Create Your Own Doll Review)

My Create Your Own doll came last night! This blog post is my review of her in photos. But first, here's my YouTube review!

She came in a red box with the American Girl star, a ribbon and a personalized message- for me, it was "Happy Birthday, Sydney".

The box has a bunch of stars on it and the doll and accessory box!

Here's my doll, Sara, in the box!

The box without the doll.

The accessory box!

Sara with her hairnet...

AND WITHOUT! Yippee! Welcome, Sara!

Sara's hearing aid and earrings up close.

I chose the Let's Smile outfit for Sara, which comes with...

A jacket.

A dress.

Purple flats.

And lilac undies!

To identify her as a Create Your Own doll, she has a One of A Kind stamp on her foot...

And a Design ID tag!

In the accessory box, it came with...

A purple headband.

The Brownie Ombre Glasses, which I got for Molly because free glasses.

A sign language booklet I got because I chose hearing aids for Sara.

A code to design a doll tee (which I'm going to make a Miraculous-themed one).

A code for a 6 month American Girl Magazine subscription (which I'm going to give to one of you...)

And a barrette. (TIP- Select Barrette to get a free doll barrette!)

I decided to go with the Let's Celebrate Accessories because the Let's Smile Accessories was backordered, and I didn't want to wait longer for my doll just because of accessories!

It came with a pearl necklace.

A funky bracelet.

A little purse.

And a delectable cupcake!

Overall, making my own doll, the quality and attention to details and all the extra goodies that came with her makes this package worth the $200. This is amazing and I hope I can order another Create Your Own again soon!

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