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American Girl Boston: Empowerment for Girls and Mom with Girl Power Go Event Sunday!

This Sunday, February 11, at 9 am to 11 am, American Girl Boston is having a fun empowerment class for girls and their mom with instructors from Girl Power Go! During the event, you will learn about positive thinking, having a healthy self-image and how to feel empowered while practicing things like kickboxing. After the class is over, attendants will have a healthy snack and do a craft in the store bistro! Dolls are encouraged to come along, too. The event is $10 for each person participating, and reservations are required. You can make reservations by calling 877-247-5223.

(Yes, I know that this is a karate outfit, but kickboxers work with pads like karate participants. I know this because my mom and sister kickbox.)

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