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If The Girls of the Years Had A Group Chat... (EPISODE ONE)

Starting today every Monday, I'll start making your Monday feel less terrible with "leaked texts from the Girl of the Year group chat!" (This is totally made up, don't worry. I didn't hack anyone's phone.) Here we go!


Marisol: Do you guys want to have movie night tonight?

Lindsey: Yes! That would be so much fun!

Luciana: But it's the lunar eclipse! Can't we do it tomorrow!

Marisol: NO! Tomorrow I'm auditioning for The Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular, and I want to be a Rockette for the fifth year in a row!

Isabelle: Be lucky you can be a Rockette. Me and Gabby are too young.

Gabriela: And I don't even want to dance anymore, Isabelle! We've gone through this a billion times.

Isabelle: 😭

Luciana: OK! I'll just miss the movie.

Saige: Anyway, what movie are we watching? I don't want to watch any bad ones.

Isabelle: My movie, duh! 💃🏻

McKenna: Excuse me, your movie was trash. Mine was a cinematic masterpiece.

Isabelle: How rude?

Saige: Let's not watch mine. They ruined my story. Jess: SHUSH! We are not watching anyone's movie!

Chrissa: How about we watch Molly's?

Isabelle: MOLLY? Why her? She's irrelevant!

Chrissa: Because it's a cinematic masterpiece, and the Girl of the Year movies stink.

McKenna: OK, I was sarcastic about mine being a cinematic masterpiece.

Marisol: We have decided! Come to my house in a hour.

Lindsey: OK! Isabelle: I'm boycotting.

Gabriela: Wahoo!

Saige: I'm so excited!

Luciana: Have fun!

Jess: On my way already!

McKenna: I'll come straight from gymnastics.

Chrissa: Hooray!

A couple hours later...

Lea: Movie night? Sounds fun! How about we watch my movie! Chrissa: You made all the phones go crazy here at movie night. Thanks a lot, Lea.

Lea: Sorry, but I didn't see! I had to see the lunar eclipse with Luciana!

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