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Is Z Yang Being DISCONTINUED? Evidence Shows So!

I have a new scoop for you guys! It's not a very exciting one, as I am a big fan of Z...


Maybe cubed, but I think that's unlikely as Z only has 2 cubes at regular stores. I think it's to make room for the supposed new Contemporary Character that might be released next summer. I'm not making this up in my brain.

Yesterday, I reported to you guys that Z's Desk Set was no longer available on American Girl's site.

Well, I discovered this morning while surfing the American Girl site that Z's Scooter and Z's Easy Breezy Outfit have also been discontinued!

Still not convinced? Usually, when American Girl wants to promote a character, they post about her or him on their Instagram. And the last time they posted Z just for the heck of it, the date was...




Now, here's my last bit of evidence that proves Z may be retired- on a shipping checker from China to America that has public records, I found that the last shipment of Z dolls was...

NOVEMBER 21, 2017! AKA, a long time ago.

My theory is that American Girl is going to quietly retire Z's collection and the doll- it will probably be all gone by June, when the new Contemporary Character is supposed to come out.

What are your thoughts? I'll hate to see Z go, her stories are amazing, I love her personality, and she is so underrated.

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