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Doll of the Week: Coral!

Coral is the Doll of the Week!

I got Coral from my dad for Christmas 2017. She is Just Like You 1.

Coral Summers is a 9 year old girl who loves books and only wants one thing for Christmas- the coveted, sold out Glow-a-Pet. When she sees a Glow-a-Pet in the basement waiting for Christmas morning with her best friend Pearl, they both realize that giving is more important than receiving and sell the Glow-a-Pet on eBay to raise money to help the school library selection of books. When Coral ends up getting lowballed, she realizes to be happy with what she has and is proud of the impact she made.

Coral is featured in my What's Your Story contest submission, "All Screenshots Aren't Real". It's only available here until the contest is over in May.

I decided to add a special feature to Doll of the Week each week to make it more interesting. Today's will be a diary entry from Coral!

March 25, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today, I found out something totally exciting. My school district is having a competition to see which elementary school can read the most books in a week! The winning school gets a pizza party, but the individual student that reads the most gets a iPad! How exciting is that? I could have books on my iPad- and Mom won't yell at me for taking up her bookshelf anymore!

The only problem is, I've read all my books a gazillion times. I guess I'll just check out books from all the local libraries, and the school library, so I can win that pizza party and that iPad!

Wish me luck!


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