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Mattel Gets New CEO

Yesterday, Mattel announced that beginning April 26, 2018, Ynon Kreiz will be the new CEO of Mattel.

Ynon was the CEO of Maker Studios, a Disney subsidiary, before he joined Mattel in 2017 as a board member. He also was the CEO of Endemol, a production company who actually makes Masterchef Junior- a TV competition that coincidentally, Girl of the Year 2015 Grace participated in (and spoiler alert, won) in her movie, Grace Stirs Up Success!

Margo Georgiadis, the former CEO of Mattel, quit Mattel in order to pursue a new opportunity- being the CEO of I don't know if Ynon will oversee American Girl like Margo was supposed to do- it doesn't seem likely that a boy would be the head honcho of a company called American Girl, but all Margo was supposed to do was hear reports from Katy Dickson (American Girl's CEO) about what they were doing and make suggestions, so it's unclear what will happen.

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