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American Girl Benefit Sale Ticket Presale Lottery LIVE!

The American Girl Benefit Sale ticket lottery presale is now live!

This is a new thing the American Girl Benefit Sale is doing this year, which will run from today on to May 8th at 11:59 pm Central time. It doesn’t matter what time of day you order on, it just matters what day- meaning someone who orders at 9 pm on May 1 has the same exact chance of getting 7 am tickets as someone who ordered at 9 am. Tickets will be given to the people randomly with none held back. The limit of tickets is 6 for Saturday and 2 for the early Sunday tickets (which I recommend for Sunday-goers: I waited for the free tickets last year and there was only 3 dolls I didn’t have by the time I got in the warehouse!). (Click here for Saturday lottery) (Click here for early Sunday lottery)

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