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August American Girl Publishing Releases!

Sorry all I've been posting is books, but I just keep on finding them!

American Girl Publishing revealed what they will come out with in August! Here it is:

First, the Doll ___ activity book series is getting two new additions: Doll Hair and Doll Decades.

"Does she love to play with her doll’s hair, creating fun styles to fit the occasion? Now she can treat her doll to a salon style without leaving the bedroom! Follow the expert tips from the stylists at American Girl and use the included hairbrush or sparkly hair pick to keep her doll looking neat. The book features basic, intermediate, and advanced hairstyles to learn as her skills improve."

"Does she love history and listening to stories about life long ago? Then this book is for her! She’ll get a glimpse into the world of the past by crafting her way through the last thirteen decades. She can create an old phonograph, portable CD player, or MP3 player so her doll can listen to music; make roller skates so she can glide around a drive-in diner; or create a flapper dress so her doll can dance to the music of a distant era. Includes a how-to book, sticker sheets, doll-sized sunglasses, craft ideas, and more."

Next, there is a new quiz book called This or That?

"Does she love quizzes? If so, this book will keep her guessing! Would she rather discover a new animal species OR create a life-changing invention OR guest star on her favorite TV show? Inside this book, she’ll find over 600 hilarious, thoughtful, and fascinating choices to help her discover all kinds of things about herself, her life, and the important people surrounding her. Would she rather take these quizzes alone OR ask the questions aloud at a party OR compare answers with one friend? Good choice!"

There is also a new activity book about creativity called Spark.

"Is she bursting with so many dreams, inventions, and creative ideas that she doesn’t know where to start? Or is she still figuring out what she likes and how to express herself? This fill-in-the-blank, do-it-yourself guidebook will help answer questions such as “What can I draw?” or “What can I invent?” Along the way, she’ll learn about herself, what it means to be creative, and new ways to let her creativity shine."

The last new book (besides the billionth reissue of The Care And Keeping of You) is a new addition to the Care and Keeping of You book family- The Skin and Nails Book.

"When it comes to skin and nails, your girl has probably seen plenty of ads for lotions and potions. The truth is, healthy skin and nails start from within, including what she eats and drinks and how well she sleeps each night. In this book, she’ll learn the basics of skin hygiene, including the right tools and tricks for her skin type, staying safe in the sun, attacking pimples if they pop up, and shaving tips for when she’s ready for razors. She’ll find tips for keeping nails clean and neat, too."

What book are you most excited about? I'm really excited about Doll Hair and Doll Decades.

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