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Great American Girl Deals At Toys R Us!

Great news- the discounts on American Girl dolls at Toys R Us are now a whopping 40%! This means $68 dolls, $36 WellieWishers, outfits are about $18 and Mega Construx ranges from $5.99 to $59.99! If you're lucky and the store carries Gabriela's rare retired Loft Bed, you can get that for $120!

Most stores are also selling their display dolls for $65 with the outfit they are wearing in the display and a stand if they have them. Hopefully next week me and my dad can take a road trip to the Toys R Us two hours away and I can get #63- she's the only doll they carry that I don't have! I'll name her Majestia after the superhero from Alya's comic book in Miraculous. (I know I'm such a big nerd.)

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