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Every American Girl Historical Character/BeForever Mystery!

I had no ideas on what to post today, so I just decided to list every Historical Character/BeForever mystery. I want to read every AG book published, but I was having a hard time finding information of every one released for every character, so I decided to make posts for them- starting with these mysteries!

Ones not available on American Girl's site anymore have this symbol next to them: *


-The Silent Stranger (released 2005)

-The Ghost Wind Stallion (released 2016)

Felicity (all are unavailable on AG's site):

-Peril At King's Creek (released 2006)

-Traitor in Williamsburg (released 2008)

-Lady Margaret's Ghost (released 2009)


-Traitor In The Shipyard (released 2013)*

-The Traveler's Tricks (released 2014)*

-The Smuggler's Secrets (released 2015)


-Secrets In The Hills (released 2006)

-The Glowing Heart (released 2016)

Marie-Grace (all unavailable):

-The Hidden Gold (released 2012)

-The Haunted Opera (released 2013)


-The Cameo Necklace (released 2012)*


-The Runaway Friend (released 2008)*


-Shadows on Society Hill (released 2007)


-The Curse of Ravenscourt (released 2005)*

-The Stolen Sapphire (released 2006)

-The Cry Of The Loon (released 2009)*

-Clue In The Castle Tower (released 2011, when the doll wasn't available)*

-Danger In Paris (released 2015)


-Secrets At Camp Nokomis (released 2010)*

-A Bundle of Trouble (released 2011)*

-The Crystal Ball (released 2012)

-A Growing Suspicion (released 2014)

-The Showstopper (released 2018)

Kit: -Danger At The Zoo (released 2005)*

-Midnight in Lonesome Hollow (released 2007)*

-A Thief in the Theater (released 2008)*

-Missing Grace (released 2010)*

-Intruders at Rivermead Manor (released 2014)

-The Jazzman's Trumpet (released 2015)

-Menace at Mammoth Cove (released 2018)


-The Legend of the Shark Goddess (released 2018)

Molly (all no longer available on the AG site):

-A Spy on the Home Front (released 2005)

-The Light in the Cellar (released 2007)

-Clues In The Shadows (released 2009)


-The Finders-Keepers Rule (released 2016)

-The Runaway (released 2017)


-The Lady's Slipper (released 2017)


-The Tangled Web (released 2009)

-The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter (released 2010)

-The Silver Guitar (released 2011)*

-Lost In The City (released 2014)*

-Message in a Bottle (released 2017)

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