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New American Girl Mega Construx Sets!

Mega Brands put up 3 new American Girl Mega Construx sets on their site! Here they are:

This is Maryellen's Seaside Diner, which retails for $29.99. You can buy it on Amazon here.

"Order some burgers and shakes by the seaside with Maryellen and Angela at their fab diner!

Everything is peachy keen, jellybean, at the Seaside Diner. Maryellen is excited to bring Angela to her favorite joint; be a pal when you build her classic 50’s hangout. Dressed in a poodle skirt, Maryellen loves to serve up burgers and shakes in her bright, stripy apron. Waiting for her order, Angela chats on the rotary phone as she starts up the neon jukebox. “Order up!” Maryellen rolls Angela’s meal out on her vintage roller skates. So grab a booth or pull up a stool, because this diner is made in the shade!

Ideal for ages 8 and up


• Buildable 50’s-themed Seaside Diner with classic order counter, kitchen, seating booth and retro jukebox

2 buildable, articulated mini figures, including BeForever characters Maryellen and her friend Angela, with display brick stands

• Vintage accessories include burgers, milkshakes, sundaes, cookware, utensils, order tickets, diner poster, wall rotary phone, cash register and real fabric apron

This is the Luciana's Space Camp Adventures set, which retails for $49.99.

Take one small step for exploration and one giant leap with Luciana at Space Camp®! As Luciana arrives at U.S. Space Camp®, she realizes she's one step closer to her dream of reaching Mars. Together with Ella, they work on the same mission scenarios and equipment that real astronauts do! Training begins as Luciana rides the flight simulator while Ella checks her rumble stats from mission control. Later, the pair work at the robotics lab and tinker on their buildable robot before Luciana straps in to experience zero gravity on the spacewalk arm. Finally, after a stellar day at Space Camp®, these astronauts-in-training land safely in their bunkbeds and cuddle with their pet robo-dog before dreaming about their next mission!

Features • Buildable, elevated mission control area with spinning rocket and glow-in-the-dark moon • Buildable flight simulator that shakes and detaches from its support stand for simulated rocket flight • Buildable robotics lab with customizable robot that rolls • Buildable bunkbeds with lockers, end table and microscope • Buildable 360°-spinning spacewalk arm with figure harness • 2 buildable, highly detailed, articulated mini figures includes Girl of the Year Luciana and her friend Ella, in space training outfits • Accessories include a helmet, robot tools, fruit snacks, mugs, books, laptop, headphones and robot dog

This last set is Samantha's Victorian Manor, which retails for $74.99.

Invite your inner interior decorator to Samantha’s beautiful Victorian home! Build this charming 3-story, 6-room manor and tell her story your way by choosing from a trove of accessories to decorate with. Build and rebuild a variety of rooms and furniture to your taste, then have Sam give Nellie the tour or chase her cute kitten around the yard. Treat them to tea in the gazebo, or complete their latest creations together in the sewing room. Whip up a delicious meal in the fully equipped kitchen, burst out in song at the piano, or teach Nellie how to ride a bike on a friendly escapade! Whatever the whim, Samantha’s home is the perfect place to design, decorate and discover your passions!

Features • Buildable, 3-story, 6-room Victorian home with period windows, doors and detailing • Customizable room options: kitchen or tea room, sewing or vanity room, living or piano room, and gazebo or reading room • 2 Buildable, articulated mini figures, including BeForever characters Samantha and Nellie, in traditional Victorian-era dress, with display brick stands • Rebuildable furniture can be built 2 ways for customized storytelling • Rebuildable furniture options includes Victorian-era mirror table, dresser, piano, coffee table, mantle, fireplace, kneeling cushion bench, sewing machine, stool or vanity • Buildable accessories include a bed, chairs, a storage chest, and a doll • Accessories include kitchenware, gardening tools, a tea set, 2 stuffed teddy bears, a pet kitten, doll, and bicycle

These are all amazing sets!

SHOUTOUT TO COMMENT WINNER: And the username who won the Blond Doll Contest on my last post is...

(Not the real John Cena, but the more awesome johncena on the comment section.)

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