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American Girl eBay Trainwrecks!

Some dolls were out partying too much last night- and then they got listed on the Bay as punishment. (Just kidding!)

But they do look like they were doing just that, like this poor McKenna who has a bad haircut:

This #57 totally needs a visit to the Doll Hair Salon ASAP.

I guess badly-cut bobs are a trend now, with this poor Isabelle joining McKenna's club:

Never running from a real fight can be bad sometimes, as seen on this #32 who clearly lost one:

Sometimes you just have a bad hair day- but on the wrong day, like Mia did.

Some people make bad makeup tutorials- and others follow them, like this Emily seemed to do.

We started with a McKenna with a bad hair day, we end on a McKenna who followed in Emily's footsteps and applied too much lipstick.

Which one of these dolls do you feel the most pain for? I feel so bad for the #32- what idiot would rip a $100 doll's body and treat it terribly?

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