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I Miss Having A Best Friend.

This summer has been lonely for me. While my sister has friends over all the time, I'm lonely because I'm too shy to invite anyone over.

I also don't really have a best friend.

Best friend means you can tell anything to her, she accepts you for who you are and you do the same and you do everything together. But every time I get a best friend, something horrible happens.

Once, my best friend made plans with me and cancelled pretty much all of them- from small hangouts at our house to a beach vacation together. After I got home from the beach, I found out that she found a new best friend and didn't like dolls and me anymore.

Another time, I found a best friend during fifth grade. But once middle school hit, she ditched me- for the old best friend from the last paragraph- and stopped hanging out with me.

Not even a year later, I had a best friend- she gained my trust enough that I gave her a brand new American Girl doll- but not even a week after I gave her the doll, she was forcing me to do bad things and started making fun of kids with disabilities when we hung out. I knew this was bad, so I decided to not be her friend anymore- and then she started bullying me.

After that, I turned to an Internet friend who lived right by me and we started hanging out- but not even 2 months later, she moved across the country and stopped really talking to me.

I've now been too shy to be best friends with anyone, and I wish that it was easy to find a best friend. Because I miss it too much.

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