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American Girl Outlet Pictures and Information!

I arrived in Hershey tonight, and went to the American Girl outlet just to take pictures of the exterior when I got a little surprise- it was open! Of course, I went in, did some shopping and took a lot of pictures of the place! Here's your guide to the American Girl outlet in Hershey, Pennsylvania:

This is the exterior once you walk in.

This is the little AG outlet sign!

I didn't get a free gift, but I looked over and noticed that the free gift for tomorrow is the Truly Me activity.

The store consisted of mostly Truly Me items. The only dolls they had were Truly Me dolls in the Lilac Dress (#66 was the most recent one they had). They had many Truly Me holiday items from last holiday season, as well as some WellieWishers and Bitty Baby holiday items from that season. They also had 2017 Mix and Match items, 2 Lea outfits (meet outfit and beach dress), the canopy bed, some GOTY books and movies and- surprise- unreleased items that will probably come out in the August 27th release! I will have the unreleased items in a separate post, but for now, enjoy the picture gallery!

They had 3 retired Truly Me dolls: #30, #37 and #41.

Dolls were still $115 and tiny items like hairbrushes were still regular price, but accessories and outfits were all 25% off.

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