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Vote For Your Favorite AGSM Movie Idea!

Miraculous won the Teen Choice Award for Best Animated Show, so true to my word, I'm making a new movie to release this winter!

Here are your choices:

1: April- An American Girl Story: The third installment in my American Girl Story series (if it wins) centers on April, my Truly Me 49, a girl who doesn't really have a path in life but likes piano and dancing. When her sister (Sierra) goes to LA to record some songs, April is dragged along. While in LA, she discovers making videos and realizes her true path- to become a director. When she gets home, she uses her talents to overcome bullying by Rose (Truly Me 36), cope with a life-changing diagnosis and try to help out charity.

2: Breakdance (which I've reworked since the last time): Aisha O'Conner (Peggy) is a girl who loves to dance, especially hip hop and breakdance, but her parents (Z and Joey) are divorcing and spend more time fighting than supporting Aisha's dreams. But Aisha's life changes when she performs at a talent show and a talent scout (Devyn) tells Aisha that she wants her to audition for America's Got Talent. Once Aisha makes it with a Golden Buzzer, she will now have to deal with the pressure of getting better every week, competition like a talented singer (Pleasant)- and all this on top of the divorce. Will Aisha survive?

3: Human- Jazz's New Life: This is a prequel to Human, my summer movie this year. Jazz (Rachel) is just a normal girl dealing with anxiety and depression, living in the most not normal situation ever. Supervillains called the Perfects have just started attacking the town, with the end goal of making all people in the town hate all different people. The police have given up, as well as the government. But one day while shopping, Jazz finds a headband that will allow her to stop the Perfects. Will Jazz adjust to her new life?

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